Here Are Three Types of DNS Records

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DNS system management is an essential task. However, it can be confusing at times. Mainly, for the first-timers, the whole process is like taking part in a fiction movie or play. You come across different vocabularies that live you in confusion. But this changes with time. Understanding how the system works and your responsibility makes your work easier. You start enjoying the moment. For effective management, you need to know about the small components of the system.  One of these aspects is the types of DNS records. This article presents information on various types of records stored in the DNS system. Here they are:

A Records

A Records stands for address records. This records links to your web host and domain name. Also, it points your domain name to the relevant IP address of your host or website. It is the record that directs a visitor to your site when they type your domain name or subdomain. For instance, if you have a site with an IP address, you will have two A records directing to your IP address. First will be the domain name without the www, and the other one will be for any subdomain associated with your domain – This record resolves only to your IP addresses.

CNAME records

These records resolve only for your domain names and the subdomains. CNAME is an acronym for Canonical Name Record. This record points your subdomains on varying domains. You cannot create it on a bare domain – Rather, you must include the www part to have a CNAME record. If you operate an online store, CNAME record is using a good idea. It is the record you use to direct customers and audience to another website consisting your information or a selling channel.

Mail Exchange records – MX

As a website owner, you would like to send emails to customers and suppliers or any other audience. The MX records help you in achieving this goal. These records redirect to text. It is a function to direct your emails to a server so that they can be sent to various email addresses. Since your emails should be redirected to one place, you cannot have several MX records for one domain. Hence, your website can only have a single email provider.

In a word, DNS records exist in several types depending on the function you are accomplishing. Hence, it is essential to understand each and how it works.

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