Here are the Reasons why you’re DNS System Matters

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Certainly, you own a website or a blog. Each day you log on to it to check the number of visitors viewing it. But do you know about the DNS system? Well, this system is a crucial part of the internet infrastructure. If you have no information about it, you are not alone. Both executives and developers are also in this bandwagon. This system is the pivot of all functions that take place on the internet ranging from messaging, emailing, World Wide Web, among others. Does DNS matter in your online activities? Well, here are three reasons why it does:

­ Enhanced communication between computers and humans

As you know, computers use numbers in the form of IP protocol. Computers network with each other using these protocols. Imagine a situation where no system is available to translate the numbers into readable words. Instead of having memorable words like, you could be using numbers to log on to a site such as Memorizing this numbers could be the hardest task than accessing the information you need. Fortunately, the DNS system exists. The system translates domain names to their respective IP addresses. By this, it enhances communication between computers networks and enhances information accessibility for humans.

­ Eliminate duplication of domain names

Each minute people are changing their domain names and IP addresses. Also, others are registering new domains. The act of change names and IP address could complicate issues and make it hard to access information on the internet. Fortunately, DNS system is available that hinder duplication of information. When you change your domain name or IP address, the visitors using your former URL will be directed to your new one. For instance, if you change your name from to, your customer using the later will land on your new site. Also, if you change your IP address, the same will happen. Hence, DNS system eliminates duplication of domain names making internet enjoyable.

­ Save loading time

DNS is a distributed database in the form of a directory. It is not static. By this nature, it becomes easy to access websites. If the system were in a central location, websites would be taking forever to load. However, each server has a portion called nameserver that stores some details of a domain name. This way, websites do not take forever to load.

In a word, DNS is a crucial aspect in the internet world. It is the reason for experiencing seamless browsing and fun.

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