Revealed: 5 Features Of The Best Domain Name Generators

Are you in this situation where you want to start an online business and have no idea of a domain name? Choosing a domain name can be a challenge especially for starters. You can take days looking for a perfect keyword for your business, and when you start using it, you find that someone else is already using it. However, you can avoid this by using a domain name generator to create a unique name that will describe your business. However, not all generators are suitable for you. There are vital features of generators you need to consider to enable you to come up with a unique name. Here are the features:

Prefixes and suffixes

Most of domain name generators lack this feature. Hence, it should be your first consideration. This feature will enable you to add a letter at the end or beginning of your keyword. At times you may not want to do away with your keyword even if someone else is using it. With this feature, the domain name generator will help you come up with a brand name with the keyword of your choice. In this essence, you will still maintain the meaning of the keyword by adding only a few letters. A unique domain name makes it easier for customers to remember you and find your business later,, for more information on how to do this, click here.

No-character feature

Nothing feels terrible like wasting all your time to look for a domain name and find out that someone else is using it. No-character feature is crucial as it will enable still use your keyword. With this, it will add a special character to make it look unique and memorable. It can add a hyphen which will make it look different from others. Also, it can add numbers or a special letter.

In some situations, you can use a domain name which can change the meaning of your business and convey the wrong meaning. Hence, No-character is a crucial feature in a domain name generator.

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Save option

At some point, you may be in a hurry when looking for domains, or you may be running out of internet bundles. Saving the domain name and analyzing them later is crucial. If a domain name generator lacks this feature, it should not be your option. You need to save the domain name on your chart and have a clear view to enable you to select one that will meet your specific needs.

Secondary keyword feature

Having your keyword is crucial as it will align with your customers’ expectations. Some domain name generators do not allow you to enter your keyword. However, having a generator with the secondary keyword feature is crucial as you will enter the keyword in the search button. The generator will tell you whether it is available or not. If someone else has the same keyword, it will suggest similar keywords or add some special characters to the keyword.

Also, if your keyword is not relevant, domain generators with this feature will help you come up with another keyword but with the same meaning. For instance, you may come up with a keyword which cannot rank higher on search engines. In this essence, a generator with a secondary keyword feature will give suggestions of words that search engines will easily recognize.

Manage domains

Manage domain is a unique feature that will enable you to keep track of domain names so that you can easily manage them in one place. Looking for domain names from different places can cause you a lot of time. However, analyzing them from one place can give you the best experience, and you will select a professional domain name.


Coming up with a unique name is not easy especially when all the keywords you have are not available. If you choose a domain name generator with these features, the process of coming up with a domain name becomes easy.